5 good ar 15's

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  1. A clean kill has very little to do with caliber choice but a lot to do with shot placement. Though I can say that I once shot a deer in the hind quarters with my .223 and he bled out in 25 yrds.
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    Still being done today too. But that's not the caliber of rifle, or pistol, that I would choose for hunting deer. There are better calibers out there. Do a little youtube search, and you will find some who are planning to use, or have used, a wrist rocket to hunt deer with. They shoot up to 500 grain lead balls, and bullets. Will a well placed shot to the head kill a deer? I'm sure it would, but I want something that I know will work, time after time.
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  3. i too want something that produces one shot kills everytime. hints why i use the .223
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    Jan 24, 2015
    Not trying to be smart but if the 223 is the laser of death why are you searching, in another thread, for a better load after all these years. You like the AR platform, I get that. You state you want to build/get another AR in another thread...ok...... Instead of trying to find heavier loads for the 223 why not make your next AR something with a bit more punch. 6.8 SPC, 300 blackout................
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    Dec 12, 2015
    I've got my AR up for sale as of today, not that have anything against it as I know full well the capabilities and have proved them I need to fund another project. I picked up a Mossberg MVP bolt in .5.56 today I look forward to murdering lots of whitetale & hogs this year with it to fill the freezer.
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    I have second hand knowledge of this, from the firsthand experience(r). Stories told many a times over thanksgiving dinner!
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  8. while my current loads work great, if there is something i can do to make them better then why not? I was previously stuck with factory loads but now I am reloading so I am trying different things. And also my AR has a 1:7 twist whereas my other is a 1:12 so need heavier bullets.
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