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  1. carver

    carver Moderator Supporting Member

    If you point a large bore SA hand gun at a BG, do you suppose he will know that it's not a DA/SA hand gun? SA hand guns won't fire, unless you cock them first!
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  2. Don Fischer

    Don Fischer Well-Known Member

    Jun 6, 2016
    I don't have near enough time with CC handgun's to have much of an opinion. I have carried a Trooper MK III in 357 and a 4" barrel. bit bulky and heavy but beautiful gun. A Colt Diamondback in 22lr was under powered but that same Diamondback in 38 spec would have been nice. I have a Savage 1911 in 32 ACP cute and under powered. My Ruger P89 is a nice gun but really in my opinion, to heavy and to thick to easily hide. The gun I carry is a SW MP shield c in 9mm. If your in a gun fight at much more than 20 paces, it's probably not self defense. At 20' or less it's plenty accurate enough. How accurate does a gun have to be at 20' to score hit's on a chest? IMO, anything much bigger than a 38 spec is not necessary.. To much power and or the wrong bullet just might blow through and get some one it wasn't supposed to. Never shot a 380 but not sure i'd care for one in a defense weapon. Have to have some penetration and the 380 does not inspire much faith from me. 9mm is as low as I would go and I'm using one now with 124gr cast bullet's. Big advantage to my 9mm is lack of heavy recoil. Most people won't admit how recoil really effect's them, not manly! One of the wworst carry guns I ever shot was a SW Detective Special in 38 spec. I could not believe the recoil in it. I've shot a lot of different 38's but never one that light before. The advantage of it of course is ease to hide away. But if that were my hide away gun I suspect I'd fold shooting it. I did shoot a SW 40 of my son's once. Recoil wasn't bad but it was heavier than my Shield though not as heavy as my P89. I've had several 357's and don't care for them, again to much recoil. I really don't want the scare the bad guy, I just want to knock him down! In my old Trooper, I never fired a 357 case. I used 38 case's with hopped up 125gr bullet's.

  3. Gene Seward

    Gene Seward Member

    Mar 30, 2007
    Batesville, Arkansas
    I agree any gun is better than none, however if the shot is placed correctly it is lethal. I know of a LARGE lady that was shot between the eyes with a .25 semi auto and she hit the floor DRT. Also, a dumba$$ that shot himself in the temple with rat shot from a .22 to get his girl back and he was DRT. So any gun will work if used correctly.
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  4. Clipper

    Clipper Well-Known Member

    Mar 21, 2010
    Amarillo, TX
    Back when I was a carrier pilot, I carried a .38 Special in a bandolier, loaded with Tracer..mostly as a flare gun, not much for self defense. Over the years, I have wagged my Blackhawk in .357, but not far and not often. I later acquired a Rossi .357 snubbie in Stainless, and it fit the pocket a lot easier. Still not perfect, but it does have a nice punch. I have a clone Officer's Model 1911 in Stainless, and on occasion, it snuggles in a IWB Crossbreed holster, that holster can also accommodate my Commander, but it's heavy and hard to hide. Lately, I just carry a S&W Bodyguard .380. It hides nicely, has a stiff trigger and only 7 rounds, but it does have a safety and I shoot it often enough to be comfortable with it...is it the best for penetration? Nope, but I can't stuff a 20 mm in my pocket. I try to exercise that little gun every week, and we do very well against the dreaded paper target....
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  5. Potter

    Potter Well-Known Member

    Jul 26, 2016
    The middle of England
    Thanks for the message Clipper....I'm retired now and just Potter around..been on Victory many years ago..must have been scary for those guys....regards. Mike.
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  6. carver

    carver Moderator Supporting Member

    Don, just for what it's worth, a .380 HP bullet, if it expands, should give you about 10 - 12" of penetration. A .380 FMJ will shoot thru a 20" block of ballistic gel. If the HP don't expand, then it falls in the same class as an FMJ.
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  7. bigmikeacu

    bigmikeacu Member

    Aug 13, 2016
    Houston, Texas
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  8. 2A-Jay

    2A-Jay Well-Known Member

    Aug 22, 2016
    Yelm, WA
    The Hipoint JCP (40S&W weighs 39 ounces with 10 rounds in the mag. I own one and I am not a small person, the Hipoint would not be my choice of CCW gun way too heavy and bulky. Out of the box brand new it shot the X out of the bulls eye at 25 yard on the very first shot. I shot 1000 rounds through it with nothing more than a Barrel Cleaning. Just because I wanted to see how long it could go before failing. I have had only one feed jam during the 4 years I have had it and that was because I tried shooting HP bullets usinf the 1st Generation (Red Follower) Magazines. After more than 4000 rounds through it, it is still a most reliable and accurate gun.
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  9. Brian Buchert

    Brian Buchert New Member

    Nov 18, 2016
    When I first got my cc I bought a bg .380,and there's a round call a lehigh extreme perpetrator,which meets or exceeds fbi requirements to be a effective round.but I do consider it the minimum caliber I'd carry.
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  10. 76Highboy

    76Highboy Well-Known Member

    Jan 1, 2012
    If I had to make a single action work for a CCW I could do it. Swiss cheese real quick. A cowboy action shooter will tell you the same. As a daily CCW though the SA revolver is a poor choice for CCW... very poor. Too bulky, slow to reload. Past that if it came down to doing business a SA revolver is real quick.

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  11. Blues

    Blues New Member

    Dec 15, 2016
    I know a slew of SASS guys , and of course like a good many other folks here I've got my share ( some would say more than my share) of Blackhawks. If I had to carry one I wouldn't feel particularly " under-armed" , except for reload factors of course.

    Do I prefer my Sigs or 1911s , sure I do , but at times the situation calls for deep concealment of the old standby J-frame Smiths. My larger frame Smith Snubbies ( I've a fetish for the Lew Horton pre-lock guns) still get carried on occasion but overall they have increased enough in value that they don't get carried all that often. I'ts usually a P-220 or a P-228 or the 229 Legion I just acquired.

    Of course the 228 hasn't been available to civilians since '05 , that said it's still one of the best carry/defensive/combat 9mms ever to come down the pike.

    The CZ-75 compact gets carried quite a bit too.
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