bushnell scopes input please

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  1. I typically look at how much the rifle costs, what will i use it for, and how precise is the rifle. Im a fan of tasco as well as BSA and Bushnell, I have a few of all of these and they are all great scopes. I dropped my old .223 out of a 20 tripod stand and killed a deer with it that night, Ive had it 6 years and never moved after I sighted it in. We have a Bushnell on our .22 farm gun, it rides the tractor, the back of the truck, the 4 wheeler, and have never had to adjust it. If i were to build a 3000 dollar gun, I would consider spending a grand on a scope, otherwise, couple hundred is about it.

    Just my thoughts on the subject.
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  2. gvw3

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    My son has that same Tasco scope on one of his bolt guns. Cheap and well worth the money.

    I have Nikon ProStaff on two of my guns. I love the one on my 308 but the one on my 22lr Ruger American is not as good. I have a cheap Simmons 22 scope on my 10-22 and like it much better than the Nikon.
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  3. Hawg

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    I've got a cheap Bushnell on my Marlin model 60 and it's a good, clear scope. That's my only experience with Chinese Bushnells.
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    Jun 6, 2016
    Buy one of them then look in your wallet and you'll see a bigger difference.
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    Jun 6, 2016
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    I agree but quality costs. Not saying a bushnell won't fit the needs of the op though.
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