The Declaration of Independence

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    Mar 19, 2013
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    In my school, it was. Oddly enough, that was in California - before it became a Peoples' Republic - and we were required to pass a 100 question test on the US Constitution in the 8th grade, else we would not be allowed to advance to High School. It was extremely stressful, because back then they took test performance seriously, and meant it when they said we'd not advance. Now, of course, in the PRC reading the constitution in class is grounds for suspension or expulsion. From what I see these days, apparently reading, writing, and arithmetic are frowned upon, too. How sad to see a great State - possibly the finest in the Union - decline to such a low state in just 4 decades... I weep for my former home.
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    And our fearless leader is a Constitutional scholar, LMAO!

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    I don't think it would do any good having members of congress read the constitution. From what I've seen most don't know U.S. history. Which was a required subject when I was in high school.
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    I have read the Declaration of Independence many times as well as the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and all Amendments.

    Today here are a couple items I find very pertinent in the Declaration of Independence:

    This applies to the current POS in office.

    and this applies to all those idiots who try to say that our country wasn't founded on Christian values and principles.
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    I've seen congressmen visit schools and hand out pocket copies of the Constitution and I always think how ironic. They are handing out something as if it were important to them but in reality most of them ignore it.
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  6. 68c15

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    Nov 22, 2011
    Study and learn from history or it will repeat itself
  7. CCHolderinMaine

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    Ignored and mocked. Humanity is reverting to it's historical state; slavery and serfdom. Our 200 years is up.
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    The greatest document ever put to paper!!!
  9. texas python

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    Feb 2, 2014
    I got a copy of The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of the United States from The Heritage Foundation. Both are in 1 little handy booklet
    I like to re-read it every so often.
  10. Archie

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    I find it quite amusing and TELLING that leftists try to pretend that since the Declaration of Independence is not part of the Constitution, it is meaningless in terms of governmental policy.

    I suggest that while the Constitution is the skeleton and blood system of the nation, the Declaration of Independence is the soul of the nation. In many ways and in other terms, the Declaration of Independence is the 'mission statement' for the United States.

    None of this is to set aside or disagree with the comments of Palmetto and Alaska444. The United States is not by law a "Christian Nation", but by founding and practice, it has always been a 'nation of Christians'. There is a subtle distinction, and the latter is by no means violative of any established foundational law or principle.

    In order for God to Bless America, the nation must have sort of relationship with God. (My recommendation is Christianity.)
  11. ickda

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    Aug 17, 2016
    I have read this, the 2nd should not of been used so heavly to defend gun rights.
    the deceleration is why the 2nd matters and all other rights, with out this there is no 2nd, nor should there be gun laws prohibiting people from buying arms.
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  12. ShootistPRS

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    We have no constitutional rights. We have constitutionally protected rights. Our rights are bestowed at birth and do not come from the government or the constitution. Government has no lawful power to regulate or infringe on our rights. Remember that one of those rights is to act and live by your conscience and in conjunction with any faith you hold to. This country was founded by people who were fleeing the restrictions of a Christian country. That is why the constitution recognizes the right to live by whatever faith you have. Atheists have the same right to believe what they do as Jews, Muslims, and Christians. Even those who practice Druidism, Wicca or Satanism have a right to practice what they believe. We each and all have the right to protect our possessions, property and selves (as well as others) with the force it requires.
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